Did the National League just lose its MVP

So as much of the baseball world knows Freddie Freeman, 27 was hit by a pitch and fractured his wrist putting the best National League hitter out until after the All-Star Break. Let’s just hope the Braves can just keep the pace they are on they are currently 18-23 and only 7 games back of the Division-Leading Nationals.

With Freeman sidelined the braves needed another bat in the order so they made a trade for Matt Adams from the St. Louis Cardinals. He will make a good replacement until Freddie returns and also a good off the bench hitter. Prior to him getting hurt he was leading the National League with 14 homers and was third in Batting Average (.341)

I’m just hoping the Braves just don’t collapse completely with out their slugger cause they are playing some great baseball especially the last 10 games. Some people are saying this injury takes him out of running of MVP I don’t think so if he come back and pick up where he stopped and can lead the Braves to the playoffs, I see Freddie Freeman being named MVP of the National League. Only time will tell how his wrist will react thankfully he didn’t need surgery.


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