Who is the bigger G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan or Lebron James?

The #1 question everyone has been discussing of late who the the bigger G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all Time) Lebron James or Michael Jordan? It’s a very touchy subject for some. Many in the sports world have some great points on who is better and some and way out in left field. My point on it both players obviously played in different era’s Jordan played during a time of Bird, Magic, Olajuwon and etc. to name just a few. Jordan never had to play against any super-teams except for the “Showtime” Lakers which he finally beat when they where on the downside of their careers. Lebron has played against one the biggest super-teams in his last 3 finals appearances.

Given Jordan has been to 6 NBA Finals in his 15-year career and has won all 6 times he has gone.

Now lets turn to Lebron James this is his 7-straight finals appearance and he has only won 3 titles and people have trashed him for it. Okay so what, who cares he is a great player and he he didn’t win another championship and retired right now at the age of 32 he would still be in the Hall of Fame not for the Championships but for his overall play and stats people forget lebron came in as a 19-year old phenom and has had a bull-eyes on his back since day one. I think he has done pretty well if you ask me. Especially taking the Cleveland Cavs from 3-1 in the 2016 finals and coming back to take the series 4-3 on a monster 41-point display. Jordan has had to go to game 6 or seven but never from a deficient has much as he had to overcome.

So if you ask me who is better, I will have to say both are great but if you go by finals stats I will give that advantage to Jordan other than that Lebron vs. Jordan is pretty neck and neck in all other categories if you ask me.


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